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Tripura Santiniketan Medical College!


Assuming the role of chairman at Tripura Santiniketan Medical College fills me with great pride. Reflecting on our journey, I vividly recall the challenges faced during the establishment phase. The path to creating a Medical College, dedicated to producing competent professionals for the health sector and delivering quality healthcare, was fraught with obstacles. Securing the necessary land, mobilizing finances, recruiting qualified staff, and acquiring costly medical equipment were formidable tasks that required unwavering commitment. Our initial struggles were met with a lack of financial support, yet, driven by a clear vision and determination, we persevered. The proverbial saying, "If there is a will, there is a way," proved true in our case. In my capacity as the chairman, I personally guarantee that the academic excellence, comfort, and safety of our students are our paramount concerns. Tripura Santiniketan Medical College provides a premier opportunity for ambitious students to realize their dreams of receiving a world-class education and training in health sciences. I extend a warm welcome to aspiring students, inviting them to become part of Tripura Santiniketan Medical College and embark on a journey into a world of limitless opportunities.

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