Tripura Santiniketan Medical College keeps topmost priority of it's students' learning and enhancing their studentship by all means at an easy method. Which is why besides other necessary steps, it will provide E-library containing E-Books, E- Journals , E-Paper, E-Thesis etc. with the scope of downloading the same.
An E-Library is an exceptional library with an engaged assortment of advanced articles that can incorporate content, visual material, sound material, video material, put away as electronic media designs (rather than print, microform, or different media), alongside implies for getting sorted out, putting away, and recovering the records and media contained in the library assortment. E-libraries can differ monstrously in size and scope, and can be kept up with by people, associations, or partnered with set up actual library structures or establishments, or with scholarly foundations. The electronic substance might be put away locally, or got to distantly through PC organizations. An electronic library is a kind of data recovery framework.

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