About Community Medicine

The Department of Community Medicine is to ensure that each student has been taught the general skills they need to become great doctors. Community Medicine is the branch of medicine deals with the health of community.
In this department, the students will have to relate the awareness they have gained in several areas of medicine for the advantage of the community. Students receive interactive training and simulation in the areas such as musculoskeletal exam techniques, medical error disclosure, medical documentation and evidence-based medicine.
The Community Medicine Department is dedicated to enlightening medical students to be community care doctors who fulfill the needs of the community health care in the country, including rural communities. The goal of Community Medicine is heading for “Better well being for everyone” and to prepare the students to be Health Planners, Organizers and Administrators
The goal of our department is to protect and promote the well-being of the community using the approach of Primary Health Care, observe and to understand health problems, curative concepts of every disease and to improve health effectively in our complex healthcare system the community and preventive medicine education is needed for students

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