About Pharmacology

The Department of Pharmacology is one of the important para-clinical department which deals with the drug sand other chemicals on living systems and to facilitate basic and applied research that significantly advances current pharmacological knowledge
The Department of Pharmacology consists of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy with equipment’s such as pill tiles, suppository molds, pestle and mortar, iron spatula and tablet disintegration machine and various skill labs, Library, Demonstration room, Staff rooms, Office rooms and Research rooms
The main aim of our department is to provide the knowledge of the pathogenesis of diseases, interventions for effective treatment, and mechanisms of health maintenance to prevent disease and to train & teach the students by establishing various academic services and patient care facilities through pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology pharmacogenomics, pharmacoeconomic etc
The goal of our department is to provide quality para-clinical in pharmacology and therapeutics and train students to detect, evaluate, prevent and treat adverse drug reactions

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