About Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

The Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology carries out advanced post-mortem and medico-legal researches. It also imparts reasonable knowledge of our legal system to the students which help them realize their role and responsibility as a medical professional in medico-legal cases.
The department is equipped with every possible modern amenity with well-planned and furnished faculty rooms and office, non-teaching staff rooms, full time operational staff library and a huge student laboratory and well-equipped mortuary block. It has a well-organized museum filled with models, specimen, weapons & photographs to help students develop interest in this subject.
The main aim of our department is equipping future doctors with knowledge of forensic aspects of different branches of medicine and enables them to apply the same during their practice.
The goal of our department is to practice the medical ethics and laws related to practice of medicine and to perform medico-legal postmortem examination and to aware general principles of environmental & preventive aspects of diagnostic toxicology services for the armed forces medical services.

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