About Citizen Charter

Our Faculty

Name of the Hospital: Tripura Santiniketan Medical College & Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital
Address: Pragati Rd, Krishna Nagar, Agartala, Tripura 799001
Telephone: 74790 02847

1. Preamble:

This charter is an expression of the commitment and resolve of this hospital to provide to its patient’s information about the services that are available, the quality and standards of service that they may expect, as also the machinery and procedure available for redressal of their grievances and complaint.

2. General Information:

Hours of work:

Out Patient Dept:

Morning 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Administrative Office

  • Week days : 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Lunch Break : 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
  • Saturdays : 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Closed on Sundays and Gazetted holidays.
  • Casualty/Emergency/Department : Open 24 hour * 7 days
  • Resident Medical Officer : Available throughout 24 hours on all days
  • Specialist Doctors : 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM on all days
  • Laboratory : All days
  • 2.2 Other facilities

  • The list of doctors on duty, the names of Resident Medical Officer, Medical Superintendent, Heads of Different Department along with their location and telephone numbers etc. is displayed at the Reception
  • Wheel chairs and stretchers are available on request at the gate/reception for facility of patients who are not in a position to walk. Walkways/lifts are also available for access to higher floors
  • A location map is on display at the Reception for easy access to various departments by in-patients
  • Every staff in this hospital can be identified by their uniform and name badge
  • Information regarding the fees and other payments if any to be made for use of the various facilities/diagnostics and other machines and for specialist fees, medicine, extra are displayed at the Reception. For every payment properly authenticated official receipt will be given
  • Adequate drinking water and toilet facilities are available for the convenience to the public
  • Adequate display boards are available at different locations for guidance of visitors and out patients
  • Ambulances/Mortuary Vans are available for use on payment throughout 24 hours
  • There is a laboratory available in the hospital premises for various tests
  • There is a standby generator to cater to Emergency Services in case of general break down of electricity
  • Public telephone booths are available at various locations in the hospital
  • A canteen is available for catering to visitors and out-patients during normal working hours
  • A chemist shop is located in the hospital premises which is open 24 hours on all days
  • 3. Service Standard

    3.1 Standards of service and adequate degree of patient care can be provided to the extent proper and workable ratio between doctors to patient, nurses to patients and beds to patients are maintained as also the extent of availability of resources and facilities. Consistent with this every positive effort will be made by this hospital.
  • To provide access to hospital and professional medical care to all patients who visits the hospital
  • To prescribe a workable maximum waiting time for out-patients, before they are attended to by a qualified doctor and/or specialists and continuously strive to improve it
  • To ensure that all equipment in the hospital is maintained officially in proper working order
  • To ensure availability of beds and operation theatres facilities as freely as possible
  • To ensure treatment of emergency cases with utmost promptitude and attention

  • 3.2 Every out-patient seeking treatment at the hospital will be registered and issued a card for recording various details of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment being provided. Efforts will be made to computerize the record system in the hospital to provide better service to the patients
    3.3 The patient’s right to privacy, dignity, religious and cultural beliefs, as also their right to be informed; right to consultation and choice shall be respected
    3.4 No patient shall be treated or examined without his/her consent or the consent of the guardian in the case of minor, and the consent of the legal heir in the case of a patient who is unconscious or otherwise unable to express himself. If a legal heir is not available but a medical intervention is urgently needed and the delay is dangerous, the doctor shall be entitled to carry out necessary treatment or intervention without such consent
    3.5 No patient shall be used for any research or experiment without a written consent and without being informed of the potential hazards or discomfort involved
    3.6 All patients and visitors to the hospital will receive courteous and prompt attention from the staff and officials of the hospital in the use of its various services
    3.7 Qualified pharmacists shall handle drugs and ensure proper potency and quality of the drugs. Every effort will be made to ensure adequate availability of drugs especially those which are life-saving. The Pharmacy will display information regarding non-availability of any drug and how long they are likely to remain non-available.
    3.8 Reliability and promptness of laboratory results will be ensured and whenever possible such reports will be made available within 8 hours
    3.9 Operation theatre shall be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that they are serviceable all the time and every effort will be made to keep the hospital and its surroundings, clean, infection-free and hygienic
    3.10 A regular system of obtaining feedback from the users will also be initiated through periodic surveys for constantly improving the quality of service standards

    4. Equipment & Facilities/Services Available

    4.1 This hospital has the following services available: Ex: X-Ray Machines, Testing Laboratory, Ultra Sound, CT scan, ECL, EEG & Oxygen Pipe in every room in Intensive Care Unit, Centralized air-conditioned timing in ICU, 24 hour duty nurses for ICU, Physiotherapy equipment
    4.2 The hospital has their own Electrical and Mechanical units for ensuring proper maintenance and working of the various equipment
    4.3 If any equipment is out of order, information regarding the same shall be displayed suitably indicating the alternate arrangements, if any as also the likely date of re-commissioning the equipment after repairs and replacement

    5 . When things go wrong or fail:

    5.1 Appropriate action will be taken on those responsible for such failures and action taken to rectify the deficiencies. Complaints will also be informed of the action taken
    5.2 In case of likely persistence of the deficiency, the reasons for the delay in rectifying the deficiency and the time likely to be taken for rectifying the same, will be displayed prominently for the information of the public
    5.3 Special directions would be given to the non-medical staff to deal with the patients and public courteously. Any breach in this regard when brought to the notice of the hospital support shall be dealt appropriately
    5.4 The hospital encourages the patients and the public to inform the authorities when things go wrong. Suggestions/Complaint boxes are provided at the Reception, Canteen and the RMO’s office. The complaint forms with serial numbers and tear off counter foils are available at the Reception
    5.5 Weekly review meetings will be held of all Head of Department to look into performance reports, grievances/complaints and their redressal non-functioning of equipment, delays in repair, maintenance/replacement of equipment identification of deficiencies etc. and time bound action taken for improving performance.

    6. Grievances/Complaints/ Redressal:

    6.1 There will be a designated Medical Officer whose name, location and telephone number is duly displayed at the Reception and elsewhere in the hospital for receiving and attending to all grievances and complaints. Every grievance/complaint will be acknowledged immediately and dealt with finally within 7 working days.
    6.2 Every patient/visitor shall have the right to be heard regarding his/her grievance/ complaint.
    6.3 If the complaint is not satisfied with the disposal of his grievance/ complaint, he can approach to the head of the hospital and thereafter the Hospital Advisory Committee.
    6.4 A Hospital Advisory Committee consisting of the Head of the Hospital, the Heads of Departments /Wings of the hospital, officials in- charge of the maintenance of hospital building, electrical systems and various equipment, representatives of Consumers organizations, local MLAs/MPs etc. will be constituted to review periodically the overall performance of the hospital in terms of patient care and treatment as also redressal of grievances & complaint. The names, addresses and telephone number of the members of the Advisory Committee are displayed at the reception.

    7. Responsibilities of the Users:

    7.1 Users of the hospital are entitled to demand adherence of all concerned to the Chapter Principles as indicated above and bring any shortcomings or deficiencies to the notice of the appropriate authorities.
    7.2 Users should appreciate the various constraints under which the proposal is functioning and ensure its smooth functioning without inconveniencing other patients and visitors.
    7.3 They should help the hospital authorities in keeping the hospital and its surroundings clean and in proper sanitary condition.
    7.4 Provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions regarding the quality and extent of service available at the hospital.
    7.5 Refrain from misusing the facilities available or demanding an under favour from the staff and officials.

    8. Suggestion for improvement:

  • Any suggestion for improvement of this charter document will be most welcome and may be addressed to:
  • Admission Enquiry